Meagan Garces-Closing Day 1

Congratulations to Anthony & Angela!

Congratulations to Anthony & Angela, proud owners of a wonderful Greenville home with property that backs up to state land. It was an honor and a delight to help you to achieve your goals. Thank you for choosing The Fisher Group! May you build many happy memories in your new residence in Greenville. + Meagan

living room arrangement

4 Tips for Furniture Arrangement

You step into a room and you know something is off but you can’t pinpoint it. Could it be the furniture arrangement? Home design writer Fred Albert with the Houzz editorial staff offers up several tips on proper furniture arrangement. Here are four of his tips, along with some tips from, on finding the

The Safety Talk You Need To Have With Clients

Keep all parties safe in a transaction by offering buyers and sellers these important tips.  Have you had the safety talk with your clients yet? It’s not only for their safety but for yours too. It’s a conversation far too many real estate professionals omit from their discussions with home sellers and buyers. September is