Brace Yourself: These Closing Day Surprises Are All Too Common

From “You’re in the home stretch … but you’re not quite home yet. Here are a few things that can derail your purchase even on the day you go to close on your new home. Learn how to keep things on track.” WATCH VIDEO:

5 Surprising Things That Can Jack Up Your Home Insurance Rates

Insurance companies are mysterious entities, and divining how they determine your home insurance rates is hardly a sport for the faint-hearted. Don’t get caught off guard–make sure you know what kinds of (unexpected) things can send your rates skyrocketing . . . WATCH VIDEO:

10 Ways to Find Out About a Neighborhood Without Being There

From Fox News: “So what’s the neighborhood really like?” is the ubiquitous refrain among home buyers shopping in areas they’re unfamiliar with. And though your real estate agent can fill lots of the big-picture details, it pays to do your research before committing to a residential purchase.  Short of stopping people on the street for

building a deck

What to Know About Adding a Deck

Good weather should be enjoyed to its fullest extent. To do that you have to actually go outside. But if your home lacks an enticing outdoor living space, there’s little incentive to venture out. Outdoor living is seeing a bit of an explosion lately: Adding a deck is one of the most requested home projects

using scent to make your home more appealing to buyers

4 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Dazzle Buyers as Soon as They Walk In the Door

By 02/08/2016: When you’re selling your home, you want it to feel warm, welcoming, and inviting to any potential buyer. How do you do that? You stimulate all the senses. See Video: 4 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Dazzle Buyers as Soon as They Walk In the Door     LOOKING TO BUY A

top 3 smells that turn off buyers

House Rules: Top Three Smells That Turn Off Buyers

by 01/25/2016 Real estate pros Heather and Steve Ostorm discuss House Rules: Smells Don’t Sell. Watch Video: Top Three Smells That Turn Off Buyers: LOOKING TO BUY A HOME? Click here to see other Grand Rapids Michigan homes for sale: SEARCH COMMUNITIES. Check out our Featured Listings or use the handy Search for