Bialik Real Estate Makes Your Home Listing Pop!


Make your listings pop with Bialik Real Estate! All listings come with a professional photographer and interior designer “designed to sell report” and our online marketing machine that includes today’s newest technologies.

Home Staging Statistics
• 94.8% of staged homes, on average, are selling in 37 days or less.
• A non-staged home is selling, on average, of 182 days or less.
• Only 5% of home buyers can see a homes potential. With Home Staging, 95% of home buyers can see the homes potential.
• 25.6% of homes for sale on the market go through at least one price reduction for as much as 10% off the listing price.
• First impressions are key as a buyer makes up their mind in the first 10 seconds if they want to purchase a home or not.
Info from www.stagedhomes.comstaged kitchen

Questions & Answers
Q: The housing market is good and my house doesn’t need to be staged to sell.
A: You’re right. Every house will sell…it’s a matter of when and for how much. Remember, professionally staged homes sell on a conservative average for 6%+ more*. If your home sold for 400K unstaged it probably would have sold for 425K staged.
Q: Why can’t I just stage my own home? . . . Learn more. Contact Bialik Real Estate today!

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