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First settled in 1845 by forester Benjamin Cooper, Coopersville got its start with a saw mill and a train depot. By 1871, Coopersville was incorporated as a village. Today, farming has replaced lumbering. Located in north central Ottawa County, Coopersville offers some of the richest farm land around. Her strong work ethic and community mindedness still abounds. Coopersville’s historic downtown has been renovated and the Randall Street business district is thriving. Industry and residential starts have been growing steadily. Tree-lined streets, hobby farms & regular farms, upscale homes, apartments, and the lovely green of agricultural spreads make Coopersville a lovely place to live. Located between Grand Rapids and Muskegon.

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The History of Coopersville: In 1845, Benjamin Cooper of Utica, New York, purchased 640 acres in northeast Ottawa County to harvest timber. The area was heavily forested and had close proximity to the Grand River where timber could be transported to Grand Haven, a major shipping port on the Great Lakes. With the help of his two sons, Cooper built a sawmill. In 1850, Benjamin Cooper offered the Detroit and Milwaukee Railroad right-of-way on his land. In exchange for this, the railroad agreed to build only this depot for five to six miles in any direction. The building of this train depot helped establish the new town of Coopersville.  The first train passed through the blossoming town of Coopersville on its way to Grand Haven in the fall of 1858. Coopersville was incorporated as a village in 1871. The population in 1871 was 500. Gradually the forests became fields, and farming replaced lumbering . . . READ MORE

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